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Mrs. Elenewich's services and memorials:

The first was a very special private viewing at Chiacchio Southview Funeral Home in her state capital between 5:30pm and 10:00pm on the 23rd of July, 2013. With relatives and friends worldwide still not fully able to be contacted, an intimate ceremony and reception was performed on the 29th of July when she was delivered by Chiacchio in preparation of her current resting place, completed as of the 1st of August, a private shrine based on her wishes uniquely adorned by an oil painted mural of the induction of Pope Clement VIII owned by her son. Respects can be paid there by those who knew her by appointment. Masses were initiated on both the 23rd and 29th as well. Information on her final resting place along with future services and ceremonies shall be made known when the time arises.

Below, one shall find timely a compilation of some statements from those who knew either Mrs. Elenewich or her family.

I have few, but fond, memories of her, when I was in my teens, mostly. What a fascinating woman! - W.B., Hopewell, NJ.

So sorry to hear about… but glad she was still a “steady ol’ Peddie” gal. - D.M., Va.

Losing parents is something we are never ready for even when we think we might be. I haven't looked at the whole site, but what I have seen of your tribute is really great. I am sure [Mrs. Elenewich] would be happy with what you have done. - E.W. III, Chevy Chase, Md.

I'm sure [you] did the best for her, to help her. Every time someone I love pass away, I try to stay focused on the people alive to help them. C'est ma philosophie. - G.J., Paris Fr.

I have known Claude for most of my lifetime and admired both his mother and father; Claude is a very fortunate person, his mom was just as fortunate for the way that Claude took care of her, in her time of need - bless Claude and his family... - Roy Reinhardt

It is unfortunate that seemingly infinite verbal wishes and innovative, special actions since July 21st done by so many people, some of which I humbly forgot even knew and either adored or were enchanted by her unfortunately can not be animated or re-created here. - Claude Elenewich (Son)

She was a lovely graceful lady. I will cherish that necklace she gave me on my last visit. She may be gone but never forgotten. - K.K., Coventry, UK

It is one of the most difficult events to endure and we sympathize with you. Our hearts are saddened and we are thinking of you in this dark time of your life. We will definitely carry your message to the brother [H.L.V.]. - R.V., Beulah, Wy.

I'm sure she's where [her son's] dry humor comes from... - G.Mc., Ocean County, NJ

I always liked [Mrs. Elenewich], did not see her much over recent years but when I did, she always had something interesting to say. - C.T., Cranbury, NJ

She was fortunate to have an attentive, loving son. - M.K., Atlantic County, NJ

[This site is] nicely done. It is nice to know more about [Mrs. Elenewich]. - C.L. III, Yardley, Pa.

She was so regal. - K.C., Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Bless her. - L.F., Miami, Fl.

She was a great inspiration... [pursuit of writing, Japanese culture]. - L.T., Middlesex County, NJ

I viewed the web pages and found them sentimental and in good taste; surely, [Mrs. Elenewich] would appreciate [the] effort. - J.S., Massachusettes

[Mrs. Elenewich] was a kind woman ...right now her loss is painful. - C.Q., Maryland

What a lovely memorial site... - E.T., Peddie School

She seems like she was quite an amazing woman. - K.B., New York, NY

When are you memorializing? [Message sent with most thoughtful "namesake" MP3]. - D.Y., Suburban D.C.

So incredibly sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. [The] tribute site is so touching. - M.G., Ithica, New York

I’m not sure if I had ever met her. From her tribute, she looks like a wonderful lady and someone I would have like to have known. - M.F., Scottsdale, Az.

Losing... a difficult experience under the best of circumstances. Please know that you do not grieve alone. I hope you find some solace in the very touching tribute you placed online - well done! - A. M., Carlisle, Pa.

I adore her through your words and sorry it's taken me so long getting back to tell you that. - C.P., San Francisco, Ca.

She was such a nice lady. I'm glad you're keeping her Peddie dress!. - C.W., Princeton Jct, NJ

[Mrs. E.] was always one of my most special people. - D.K., Cranbury, NJ

She was an amazing woman and I loved how she always made me feel welcome with a smile on her face. - S.W., San Diego, Ca.